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In respect of the project Material und Raum / Material and Space (these books are out of print; for more information contact Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM e.V., address here):

  • Uwe Rüth (ed. of the documentation): Material und Raum, Installationen + Projekte, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum; (Material and Space, Installations and Projects, Art in Public Spaces); Galerie Heimeshoff Jochen Krüper, Essen 1990/1991, pp 1–200, ISBN 3-928417-01-0
  • Galerie Heimeshoff Jochen Krüper: Material und Raum, Skulpturen + Objekte, Bestandskatalog, (Material and Space, Sculptures and Objects, Catalogue of Works); Essen 1990/1991, pp 201–418, ISBN 3-928417-02-9
  • Galerie Heimeshoff Jochen Krüper: Skulpturen auf dem Moltkeplatz (Sculptures at the Moltkeplatz), Essen 1991, 26 pp, ISBN 3-928417-21-5

In respect of those works at the Moltkeplatz that are owned by Grün und Gruga Essen:

  • Julia Ruether: KunstWege. Die Sammlung Grugapark, Hrsg. Grugapark Essen, (ArtWalks. The Grugapark Collection, ed. Grugapark Essen), 114 pp, 2012

Documentations of the project junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz / young Art at the Moltkeplatz (editor / publisher: Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM e.V.; address here):

  • Nachhaltiger Vogel by Christian Forsen 2010, poster with text by Sabine Maria Schmidt, July 2010
  • Tube End by Leunora Salihu 2010–2011, brochure with text by Tankred Stachelhaus, May 2011
  • I Know It Is A Metaphor by Monika Stricker 2012–2013, brochure with text by Sabine Maria Schmidt, April 2013
  • HOrigamiUSE by Frank Bölter 2013–2014, brochure with text by Sabine Maria Schmidt, and diaries by Lisa Lambrecht-Wagenitz and Frank Bölter, June 2016
  • Korridor by Konsortium (artists´ trio) 2014–2015, Leporello folder, with text by Marcel Schumacher, May 2015
  • onda by Martin Pfeifle 2016–2017, brochure with text by Marcel Schumacher, May 2017.

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Text Eine Hommage an Jochen Krüper / A Homage to Jochen Krüper by Dr Uwe Rüth

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