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About us

About us Our association was founded in June 2006 by citizens of the Moltkeviertel in Essen to ensure the long-term preservation of the sculpture park on the Moltkeplatz. Within the framework of sponsorship contracts with the owners of the sculptures and the city of Essen, […]

Christian Odzuck: Atlanten, 2020

mixed media; total: 580 x 1,745 x 726 cm „The city as a stage, the buildings their protagonists, the audience on the catwalk: Christian Odzuck’s installation „Atlanten“ supports the utopia of an artistic world, at the top of which stands architecture as a universal discipline. With this […]

KaM Brochure / English version

September 2017: Brochure on Art at the Moltkeplatz has been published KUNSTAMMOLTKEPLATZ / ART AT THE MOLTKEPLATZ 10 Jahre Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM e.V. ‒ 35 Jahre Skulpturenwiese Moltkeplatz / 10 years association Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM e.V. ‒ 35 years sculptures at the Moltkeplatz […]

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Translations / Traductions / Traduzioni … For the translation of posts we recommend >Pour les traductions des contributions, nous recommandons >Per le traduzioni dei contributi raccomandiamo > Zum Übersetzen von Beiträgen empfehlen wir > translator English For a gallery of clickable pictures / links […]

Phung-Tien Phan: Banquet Group 2, 2018

Bankett Gruppe 2 / Banquet Group 2 Eight seperate parts: concrete, metal, lacquer. Fence: wood, polycarbonate, photo total 57 x 1,405 x 870 cm The grass surface seems to be populated by unknown creatures: iridescent shapes of different colors, standing on fragile legs. One thinks […]

Martin Pfeifle: onda, 2016

wooden slats, laminated wood, lacquer 100 x 1,000 x 707 cm „Seating accommodation, playground, art work: when Martin Pfeifle (* 1975) “does the wave” at the Moltkeplatz, his work – extending some ten by seven meters – attracts life just like an artificial coral reef made of […]

The Sculptures / Information

Gallery of Permanent Sculptures For a gallery of clickable pictures / links of the permanent sculptures see here. Gallery of Temporary Sculptures For a gallery of clickable pictures / links of temporary sculptures see here. These temporary works have been put up within the series „junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz / young Art at […]

Heinz Breloh: Lebensgröße / Life Size, 1994

Bronze; 201 (h) x 159 x 152 cm „The tool is his whole body: with all the strength of his naked body, Heinz Breloh (1940 – 2001) worked an increasingly solid mass of plaster according to a predefined choreography. „He embraces the block with his arms, […]

Heinz Breloh: Intoduction to his Œuvre

Intoduction to the Œuvre of Heinz Breloh On the occasion of the vernissage for the re-erection of the Life Size / Lebensgröße sculpture at the Moltkeplatz on 13 March 2016, Prof Dr Manfred Schneckenburger gave the following introduction to the works of Heinz Breloh. Introduction by […]