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Lutz Fritsch: EIN•STAND / MONO•POLE, 1990

Circular steel tube, painted orange and blue; 1000 x 12 cm (H x Ø) On the traffic island Moltkeplatz / Ruhrallee; coordinates: 51 26 49.77 N 7 01 24.70 E „Traffic islands are perceived as obstacles with no quality of stay that need to be […]

Gloria Friedmann: Denkmal / Monument, 1990

Dead tree, set into concrete wall; 637 (h) x 357.5 x 46.5 cm „Red is the colour of power, of alarm, anger, love, emphasis, but also of correction. With her Denkmal / Monument, Gloria Friedmann (* 1950) addresses the cultural connection between mankind and nature. For […]

Ulrich Rückriem: more works

Selection of Ulrich Rückriem´s works in public spaces in Essen Obelisk und Mauern / Obelisk and Walls In the area of Aalto Theater / Saalbau / Philharmonie / Stadtgarten; south-west of Rolandstraße 5, Essen; from the intersection Huyssenallee / Rolandstraße walk south between Aalto Theater […]

Ansgar Nierhoff: more works

More works by Ansgar Nierhoff in Public Spaces in Essen Ein leichtes Spiel / An Easy Game, 1991 Spatial formation consisting of a forged steel polyhedron (Ø 134 cm), a forged steel stele 820 x 44,5 cm (H x Ø), a split steel round 6 […]

Ansgar Nierhoff: Paarweise / In Pairs, 1988

 Forged steel, fired; 370 (h) x 99 x 34 cm „Heavy material, light poetry: The sculpture of Ansgar Nierhoff (1941 – 2010) turns the inside out. The two unequal steel pillars stand back to back, yet they once were one. The relief surfaces originating from […]

Ulrich Rückriem: ohne Titel / untitled, 1983

Anröchter Stone; 260 (h) x 197 x 70 cm „The quarry is his studio: Ulrich Rückriem (* 1938) sinks wedges into holes and drives them into the rock with the sledgehammer, splitting it open after a few blows. Made from Anröchter Stone – some 100 […]

Your Support of KaM is much appreciated

We kindly request: do support KaM´s efforts The sponsorship agreements concluded by the association KaM e.V. stipulate that all costs for the measures to be carried out on the sculpture ensemble are to be borne by KaM. For a new colour coating of an object, […]

Friedrich Gräsel: more works

More works by Friedrich Gräsel in Public Spaces in Essen Edelstahl-Plastik / Stainless Steel sculpture; ohne Titel / untitled, 1974240 (h) x 250 x 160 cm Next to the Auferstehungskirche / Church of the Resurrection at Manteuffelstraße 26, approx 500 m north-east of the Moltkeplatz. Coordinates: 51 […]