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Frank Bölter: HOrigamiUSE, 2013

Laminated paper; 426 x 500 x 354 cm „Collectivity creates responsibility: Frank Bölter (*1969) invited all citizens of the Moltkeviertel – and beyond – to jointly fold a house made of Tetrapak-like laminated paper: five meters wide and over four meters tall. Made by many […]

Monika Stricker: I Know It Is A Metaphor, 2012

artificial sweat, T-shirts, bucket, matchbox, matches, mirror, glass cabinet; 192 x 123 x 123 cm „To be or not to be – that is the question posed by Monika Stricker (*1978). On the Moltkeplatz her work I Know It Is A Metaphor attracts the visitor with a […]

Leunora Salihu: Tube End, 2010

wood, synthetic material | 240 x 530 x 610 cm „Half technical device, half a lindworm: Tube End is intent on breaking free from the ground of the sculptures park to explore the world for us. Leonora Salihu (*1977) pushes for the exchange among the dimensions, from […]

Leunora Salihu: Tube End, more information

Die Künstlerin Leunora Salihu hat die Skulptur Tube End für den Standort Moltkeplatz ent­wickelt und ange­fertigt. Leunora Salihu ist Absolventin der Kunst­aka­demie Düssel­dorf und Meister­schülerin von Tony Cragg. Sie war Wilhelm Lehmbruck-Stipen­diatin der Stadt Duis­burg. Die Skulptur Tube End war vom 10. Oktober 2010 bis […]

Lutz Fritsch: EIN•STAND / MONO•POLE, 1990

Circular steel tube, painted orange and blue; 1000 x 12 cm (H x Ø) On the traffic island Moltkeplatz / Ruhrallee; coordinates: 51 26 49.77 N 7 01 24.70 E „Traffic islands are perceived as obstacles with no quality of stay that need to be […]

Gloria Friedmann: Denkmal / Monument, 1990

Dead tree, set into concrete wall; 637 (h) x 357.5 x 46.5 cm „Red is the colour of power, of alarm, anger, love, emphasis, but also of correction. With her Denkmal / Monument, Gloria Friedmann (* 1950) addresses the cultural connection between mankind and nature. For […]

Ulrich Rückriem: more works

Selection of Ulrich Rückriem´s works in public spaces in Essen Obelisk und Mauern / Obelisk and Walls In the area of Aalto Theater / Saalbau / Philharmonie / Stadtgarten; south-west of Rolandstraße 5, Essen; from the intersection Huyssenallee / Rolandstraße walk south between Aalto Theater […]

Ansgar Nierhoff: more works

More works by Ansgar Nierhoff in Public Spaces in Essen Ein leichtes Spiel / An Easy Game, 1991 Spatial formation consisting of a forged steel polyhedron (Ø 134 cm), a forged steel stele 820 x 44,5 cm (H x Ø), a split steel round 6 […]