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Heinz Breloh: Lebensgröße / Life Size, 1994

Bronze; 201 (h) x 159 x 152 cm „The tool is his whole body: with all the strength of his naked body, Heinz Breloh (1940 – 2001) worked an increasingly solid mass of plaster according to a predefined choreography. „He embraces the block with his arms, […]

Lutz Fritsch: EIN•STAND / MONO•POLE, 1990

Circular steel tube, painted orange and blue; 1000 x 12 cm (H x Ø) On the traffic island Moltkeplatz / Ruhrallee; coordinates: 51 26 49.77 N 7 01 24.70 E „Traffic islands are perceived as obstacles with no quality of stay that need to be […]

Gloria Friedmann: Denkmal / Monument, 1990

Dead tree, set into concrete wall; 637 (h) x 357.5 x 46.5 cm „Red is the colour of power, of alarm, anger, love, emphasis, but also of correction. With her Denkmal / Monument, Gloria Friedmann (* 1950) addresses the cultural connection between mankind and nature. For […]

Ansgar Nierhoff: Paarweise / In Pairs, 1988

 Forged steel, fired; 370 (h) x 99 x 34 cm Note: This sculpture has been temporarily removed from 16 August 2022 to be renovated; see here (in German). „Heavy material, light poetry: The sculpture of Ansgar Nierhoff (1941 – 2010) turns the inside out. The […]

Ulrich Rückriem: ohne Titel / untitled, 1983

Anröchter Stone; 260 (h) x 197 x 70 cm „The quarry is his studio: Ulrich Rückriem (* 1938) sinks wedges into holes and drives them into the rock with the sledgehammer, splitting it open after a few blows. Made from Anröchter Stone – some 100 […]