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Anys Reimann: Bernehain, 2022

Holz, geflämmt, Graphit, schwarze Pflanzen; 400 (H) x 350 cm Ø Am 17. September 2022 wurde die Ausstellung des Werkes Bernehain von Anys Reimann auf der Skulpturenwiese Moltkeplatz eröffnet. Mehr über die Eröffnung hier. Für dort vorgetragene Texte siehe hier. Zu historischen Karten mit dem Verlauf der Berne ‒ […]

Christian Odzuck: Atlanten, 2020

mixed media; total: 580 x 1,745 x 726 cm „The city as a stage, the buildings their protagonists, the audience on the catwalk: Christian Odzuck’s installation „Atlanten“ supports the utopia of an artistic world, at the top of which stands architecture as a universal discipline. With this […]

Phung-Tien Phan: Banquet Group 2, 2018

Bankett Gruppe 2 / Banquet Group 2 Eight seperate parts: concrete, metal, lacquer. Fence: wood, polycarbonate, photo total 57 x 1,405 x 870 cm The grass surface seems to be populated by unknown creatures: iridescent shapes of different colors, standing on fragile legs. One thinks […]

Martin Pfeifle: onda, 2016

wooden slats, laminated wood, lacquer 100 x 1,000 x 707 cm „Seating accommodation, playground, art work: when Martin Pfeifle (* 1975) “does the wave” at the Moltkeplatz, his work – extending some ten by seven meters – attracts life just like an artificial coral reef made of […]

Konsortium: Corridor, 2014

Korridor / Corridor timber, sheathing, wall paint, lacquer 300 x 1,240 x 600 cm “Der Baukunst zur Ehr´, der Jugend zur Lehr`/ Honouring architecture, teaching the youth“ was displayed above the portal of the Königlichen Baugewerkschule / Royal Architectural Construction College. Inaugurated in 1911, it today houses […]

Frank Bölter: HOrigamiUSE, 2013

Laminated paper; 426 x 500 x 354 cm „Collectivity creates responsibility: Frank Bölter (*1969) invited all citizens of the Moltkeviertel – and beyond – to jointly fold a house made of Tetrapak-like laminated paper: five meters wide and over four meters tall. Made by many […]

Monika Stricker: I Know It Is A Metaphor, 2012

artificial sweat, T-shirts, bucket, matchbox, matches, mirror, glass cabinet; 192 x 123 x 123 cm „To be or not to be – that is the question posed by Monika Stricker (*1978). On the Moltkeplatz her work I Know It Is A Metaphor attracts the visitor with a […]

Leunora Salihu: Tube End, 2010

wood, synthetic material | 240 x 530 x 610 cm „Half technical device, half a lindworm: Tube End is intent on breaking free from the ground of the sculptures park to explore the world for us. Leonora Salihu (*1977) pushes for the exchange among the dimensions, from […]