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KaM Information / Brochure / Opuscolo


Kunst am Moltkeplatz / L’art place «Moltkeplatz» / Version abrégée en français ici.

KaM Brochure de 2017 l’art de la Moltkeplatz (en allemand) ici.


Kunst am Moltkeplatz / L’arte a Moltkeplatz / Versione breve in italiano qui.

KaM Opuscolo de 2017 sull‘ arte su Moltkeplatz (in tedesco) qui.


For a collection of English-language entries see here.

For an English-language text-only version of the 2017 KaM brochure see here.
(Information on the 2017 KaM brochure here.)

Full KaM Broschüre of 2017 Art at the Moltkeplatz (with images; in German) here.

Additional English-language information (incl KaM bylaws, membership application form … ) here.