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On the sculptures at the Moltkeplatz

Some of the entries below are pdfs of KaM´s previous website which are yet to be properly migrated. Do not use the links in the pdfs … they may not work properly, be broken, or refer to a wrong page. Instead, for the time being, try to search the German-language version of such entry for current / proper links and information.

KaM Brochure

For an English-language text only version of the 2017 KaM Brochure see here;
more information on the 2017 KUNSTAMMOLTKEPLATZ brochure ‒ covering 10 years association Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM e.V. ‒ 35 years sculptures at the Moltkeplatz ‒  here;
full 2017 KaM Broschüre (with images; in German) here.

Additional English-language information incl KaM bylaws etc here.