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More works by Friedrich Gräsel in Public Spaces in Essen

Edelstahl-Plastik / Stainless Steel sculpture; ohne Titel / untitled, 1974
240 (h) x 250 x 160 cm

Next to the Auferstehungskirche / Church of the Resurrection at Manteuffelstraße 26, approx 500 m north-east of the Moltkeplatz.

Coordinates: 51 26 55.47 N 7 01 39.03 E; (6 min walking) route OSM map here.

The sculpture addresses the central motif of the church architect Otto Bartning (Otto Bartning in Wikipedia) and takes up the resurrection motif sculpturally; more here.

Schiffsketten / Ships Chain, 1972 stainless steel sculpture. In two parts: 120 (h) x 120 x 280 / 120 (h) x 120 x 490 cm

Outdoor area of the Museum Folkwang, Museumsplatz 1 (facing Goethestraße 52), Essen. About 2200 m west of Moltkeplatz. Coordinates: 51 26 29.64 N 7 00 12.51 E; (23 min walking) route OSM map here.

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