Project „young Art at the Moltkeplatz“


junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz / young Art at the Moltkeplatz

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Building on what had been achieved during the first years of its existence, the association Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM e.V. has been organizing temporary exhibitions of „young“ artists since 2010, giving those artists the opportunity to exhibit ‒ for a limited time ‒ a young work in the beautiful park area of Moltkeplatz ‒ together with the other permanently installed sculptures. This series of exhibitions has been named junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz / young Art at the Moltkeplatz“.

The following artists have since participated in this project:

Christian Forsen: Nachhaltiger Vogel / Sustainable Bird , 2010; steel, synthetic material; exhibition during 2010.

Leunora Salihu: Tube End, 2010; wood, synthetic material; exhibition 2010‒2011.

Monika Stricker: I Know It Is A Metaphor, 2012; artificial sweat, T-shirts, bucket, matchbox, matches, mirror, glass cabinet; exhibition 2012‒2013.

Frank Bölter: HOrigamiUSE, 2013;  laminated paper; exhibition 2013‒2014.

Konsortium: Korridor / Corridor, 2014;  timber, sheathing, wall paint, lacquer; exhibition 2014‒2015.

Martin Pfeifle: onda, 2016; wooden slats, laminated wood, lacquer; exhibition 2016‒2017.

Phung-Tien Phan: Bankett Gruppe / Banquet Group 2, 2018; eight individual pieces: concrete, metal, lacquer | fence: wood, polycarbonate, photo; exhibition 2018‒2019.

Christian Odzuck: Atlanten, 2020; mixed media; exhibition 2020‒2021.

Anys Reimann: Bernehain / Berne Grove, 2022; scorched wood, graphite, black plants (link in German); 2022-2023.

Emil Walde: Shelter, 2024 (link in German)

In the context of these temporary exhibitions, the involvement of young artists with Essen and their connection to our city is also being promoted. Thus, the development of a sculpture for the installation site on the Moltkeplatz presupposes to take into consideration not only with the square and the existing artworks, but also the surroundings: the urbanistically highly interesting Moltkeviertel and its history.

Dr Anna Fricke (Curator of Contemporary Art at the Museum Folkwang) provides suggestions for new projects and support during selection and implementation to the associaton KaM. She has been assisting us since the project Banquet Group 2. Previously ‒ until the completion of the project onda ‒ this support was provided by Dr Marcel Schumacher (formerly Museum Folkwang, now Kunsthaus NRW in Aachen-Kornelimünster) … and before that ‒ until the completion of the HOrigimUSE project ‒ by Dr Sabine Maria Schmidt (formerly Museum Folkwang).

For advice and support, the association is also assisted by its Artistic Advisory Board. Members of this advisory board are Dr Uwe Rüth (Cologne, formerly Director Skulpturenmuseum Glaskasten Marl) and ‒ since 2019 ‒ Prof Peter Gorschlüter (Director Museum Folkwang). In the past, we have also been advised and supported by ‒ until his death in 2019 ‒ Prof Dr Manfred Schneckenburger (Cologne, formerly, among others, Art Academy Münster), Dr Tobia Bezzola (Lugano, formerly Director Museum Folkwang) during 2013‒2019, and ‒ until 2013 ‒ Dr Hartwig Fischer (London, formerly Director Museum Folkwang).

The initial suggestion for this series to support younger artists was brought to the association KaM’s attention by the artist ‒ and university art professor ‒ Friedrich Gräsel (1927‒ 2013). Friedrich Gräsel’s Hannover Tor / Hanover Gate was the first work of art to be put up at the Moltkeplatz in 1982. The promotion and advancement of younger artists was an important concern for Friedrich Gräsel.

We are convinced that the temporary installation of ever new works will promote the vitality of the art location Moltkeplatz: a situation that we believe is profitable for all sides.

The documentation / publications created in the context of this project have been entered into the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek / German National Library, see here, and the NRW Bibliographie / Bibliography. See here for the NRW Bibliography entries on

Christian Forsen: Nachhaltiger Vogel / Sustainable Bird,
Leunora Salihu: Tube End,
Monika Stricker: I Know It Is A Metaphor,
Frank Bölter: HOrigamiUSE,
Konsortium: Korridor / Corridor,
Martin Pfeifle: onda,
Phung-Tien Phan:Bankett Gruppe / Banquet Group,
Christian Odzuck: Sulla Rampa (artist´s book on Atlanten a.o.), and
Anys Reimann: Bernehain / Berne Grove.

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The documentations are available from the association Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM e.V.; contact here. Some of the documentations can be downloaded as pdfs; the links are given on the pages for the respective works.

For a gallery of clickable pictures / links of the sculptures temporarily displayed within this series see here.