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About us

Our association was founded in June 2006 by citizens of the Moltkeviertel in Essen to ensure the long-term preservation of the sculpture park on the Moltkeplatz. Within the framework of sponsorship contracts with the owners of the sculptures and the city of Essen, the association has assumed responsibility for the cleaning, care and promotion of the sculptures since 2007/2008. The artists involved and well-known cultural figures support the activities of KaM and are strongly committed to the preservation of the sculpture ensemble.

The founding members of KaM (photo taken November 2010): Hans Helmut Pöppelmeyer, Willi Jünger, Volker Wagenitz, Lisa Lambrecht-Wagenitz, Harald Goebell, Grete Fervers, Horst Beger, Henni Beger, Rosemarie Goebell, Hans-Jürgen Goetz

Since 2009/2010 KaM organizes temporary exhibitions of young artists, giving them the opportunity to exhibit a work in the park for a limited time within the project junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz / young Art at the Moltkeplatz. During selection and implementation, the association is advised and supported by Dr Anna Fricke (Curator of Contemporary Art of the Museum Folkwang), and its Artistic Advisory Board: Prof Peter Gorschlüter (Director Museum Folkwang) and Dr Uwe Rüth (Cologne, formerly Marl). Until 2019, the advisory board also included Prof Dr Manfred Schneckenburger (Cologne, † 2019). Until 2013, Dr Hartwig Fischer (London, formerly Museum Folkwang) and thereafter ‒ until 2019 ‒ Dr Tobia Bezzola (Lugano, formerly Museum Folkwang) advised the association as board members. In the past, Dr Sabine Maria Schmidt (formerly Museum Folkwang) and thereafter Dr Marcel Schumacher (formerly Museum Folkwang, now Kunsthaus NRW in Aachen-Kornelimünster) supported the project as curators.

In September 2017, the association KaM e.V. published its 52-page anniversary brochure KUNSTAMMOLTKEPLATZ / ART AT THE MOLTKEPLATZ 10 Jahre Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM e.V. ‒ 35 Jahre Skulpturenwiese Moltkeplatz / 10 years association Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM e.V. ‒ 35 years sculptures at the Moltkeplatz. Both the history and the present of the sculpture park as well as the work of the association KaM e.V. are described in it; more about it here.

What is the aim of KaM?

KaM’s purpose is „to preserve, promote and develop art in the public space at the Moltkeplatz in Essen, to maintain the sculptures and art objects installed there, and to influence any changes to the overall impression in this respect“ (excerpt from the KaM bylaws). KaM informs the public about the sculptures and the significance of the sculpture ensemble for the Moltkeplatz and the Moltkeviertel and ensures the preservation and maintenance of the sculptures in cooperation with its owners, the artists and the city. KaM organizes guided tours, arranges for meetings and parties by the sculptures and organizes the project junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz / young Art at the Moltkeplatz. KaM members become personally active in the park and with the sculptures, and ‒ whereever possible ‒ lend a hand towards the activities. More about KaM’s activities to be found here. Furthermore, donations are raised ‒ in addition to membership fees ‒ in order to be able to carry out further maintenance and preservation measures and projects.

How is KaM organized?

Externally, KaM is represented by its seven-member board. Since 4 November 2019, this board is made up of Veronica Groß-Unuane, Lisa Lambrecht-Wagenitz (secretary), Bettina Pahlen, Angélica Sánchez-Stowasser (treasurer), Horst Beger, Dieter Hallmann (deputy chairman) and Volker Wagenitz (chairman). The bylaws provide for the formation of an Artistic Advisory Board to advise and support the association, which is to consist of relevant knowledgeable external experts. This advisory board consists of Prof Peter Gorschlüter (Director Museum Folkwang), and Dr Uwe Rüth (Cologne, formerly Marl).

Who´s behind KaM?

KaM was founded on 16 June 2006 by ten interested and committed citizens of the Moltkeviertel in Essen under its full ‒ quite bulky ‒ name „Verein Kunst im öffentlichen Raum am Moltkeplatz Essen“ and its abbreviation „KaM„. Since then it has grown to be supported by a three-digit number of members, who also hail from other parts of Essen, other places in Germany, Europe and other parts of the world.

Additional information like KaM bylaws, membership application, and brochure to be found here.

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