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We kindly request: do support KaM´s efforts

The sponsorship agreements concluded by the association KaM e.V. stipulate that all costs for the measures to be carried out on the sculpture ensemble are to be borne by KaM. For a new colour coating of an object, the cleaning of the sculptures as well as other running costs, funds in a considerable amount are required. The same applies to the project junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz / young Art at the Moltkeplatz, with which KaM gives younger artists the opportunity to create a „young“ work and thus to revive the art location Moltkeplatz again and again.

The association is recognized as a charitable non-profit organization. Both donations and membership fees are German tax deductible. For some KaM activities see here (in German); documents about KaM here.

We kindly request you to support KaM´s efforts as a sponsor, with a donation, or as a member.


Would you support the association as a sponsor? Please contact us!


You want to make a donation to KaM? Below please find our bank account details. Please do include your name and address so that we can send you a receipt for the tax office … and a thank you note.


You would like to become a member of the association KaM and support us with your commitment and a membership fee? Please send us your completed and signed membership application.


bylaws here,
membership application here,
brochure here (addenda herehere, and here).
some activities here (in German).

Kunst am Moltkeplatz KaM e.V. | Moltkeplatz 9 | D-45138 Essen | Germany | Tel +49 201 261366 or 262807 | Fax +49 201 269396


Dr. Volker Wagenitz | Moltkeplatz 9 | D-45138 Essen | Tel +49 201 261366 | Fax +49 201 269396

Deputy Chair:
Dieter Hallmann | Semperstraße 55 | D-45138 Essen | Tel +49 201 262807

Lisa Lambrecht-Wagenitz | Moltkeplatz 9 | D-45138 Essen | Tel +49 201 261366 | Fax +49 201 269396

Bank account:
KaM e.V. Essen | IBAN DE54 3605 0105 0000 2844 89
with Sparkasse Essen BIC SPESDE3EXXX

Associations´ Register:
VR 4780 Amtsgericht Essen / Local Court Essen.

Recognized by the Finanzamt / tax office as a charitable organization.