Martin Pfeifle: onda, 2016

englisch, english, temp-en

wooden slats, laminated wood, lacquer 100 x 1,000 x 707 cm

„Seating accommodation, playground, art work: when Martin Pfeifle (* 1975) “does the wave” at the Moltkeplatz, his work – extending some ten by seven meters – attracts life just like an artificial coral reef made of a ship sunk on purpose might attract fish. onda, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese for “wave”, makes a Mediterranean way of life – as a German might see it – wash onto the Moltkeplatz. Whenever the weather is fine, people relax on the construction: alone or with friends. Children frolic across the curvy structure made of white wooden slats that spreads joy. Pfeifle uncovers a playground on which everyone finds a place appropriate for him, and, beyond and in a figurative sense, forms this place. It is the people who as individuals produce the amplitudes of the wave, cause movement, and bring about changes in society. Colour and size ratio are those of a curved blank DIN / ISO A format sheet, indicating that the future is yet to be written.
(Tankred Stachelhaus)

onda is to allow for interaction and to include the viewer. It has become a place of communication for the Moltkeplatz.
(Martin Pfeifle)

More about Martin Pfeifle´s onda here.

This project is sponsored and supported by Kunststiftung NRW, Allbau Stiftung, Vestocor GmbH, Nolte Ingenieur Holzbau GmbH und Ingenieurbüro Lars Römling.