Leunora Salihu: Tube End, 2010

englisch, english, temp-en

wood, synthetic material | 240 x 530 x 610 cm

„Half technical device, half a lindworm: Tube End is intent on breaking free from the ground of the sculptures park to explore the world for us. Leonora Salihu (*1977) pushes for the exchange among the dimensions, from the strange to the familiar, between art and life. Everything about the sculpture is designed for communication; it longs to exchange with us. A complicated structure enlarges the contact surface between the work and the environment. Different structures and different material, both with an organic and an industrialized appearance, are being correlated by the student of Tony Cragg. The work absorbs both mental and spatial information, and – in a fantastic work of translation and conveying – converts it to a radiation emitted as a meaning. In short: The work makes sense.“
(Tankred Stachelhaus)

Everything is intertwined. The sculptural work is only complete when the onlooker perceives it. He turns into part of the work by putting his own physicality in relationship to the physicality of the sculpture.“
(Leunora Salihu)

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Impressions of the construction and vernissage here.

This project is sponsored and supported by Kunststiftung NRW, Bezirksvertretung I der Stadt Essen, von schaewen AG and Feldhaus Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH. The artist was able to built up the work during a Wilhelm Lehmbruck-Stipen­dium grant of the city of Duisburg.