Monika Stricker: I Know It Is A Metaphor, more information

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artificial sweat, T-shirts, bucket, matchbox, matches, mirror, glass cabinet; 192 x 123 x 123 cm


The opening for the exhibition of I Know It Is A Metaphor by Monika Stricker was on 6 May 2012. Dr Sabine Maria Schmidt provided the introduction. WAZ carried an article on 5 May 2012.

The end of the exhibition is to be 27 April 2013.

Poster announcing the vernissage on 6 May 2012:

This is the third temporary exhibition within the project junge Kunst am Moltkeplatz / young Art at the Moltkeplatz which was started by the association KaM e.V. in 2010. Monika Stricker´s work has been exposed to all of the four seasons on Moltkeplatz and has had a new and different effect on visitors every day.

Impressions over the year

Brochure published 25 April 2013

A 20-page brochure on the work ‒ with a text contribution by Sabine Maria Schmidt ‒ was published on 25 April 2013. It has been entered into the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek / German National Library ‒ see here ‒ and into the catalogue of the Nordrhein-Westfälische Bibliographie der Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek / Northrhine-Westfalia bibliography of the University and State Library Düsseldorf ‒ see here.

The full brochure can be downloaded (pdf) from here.

Monika Stricker developed and constructed the sculpture I Know It Is A Metaphor specifically for its site at the Moltkeplatz.

Monika Stricker is a graduate of the Kunstakademie / Art Academy Düsseldorf and was a master student of Rita McBride.

To the start page of Monika Stricker´s work here.

This project is sponsored and supported by Kulturstiftung Essen, Ingenieurbüro Markus Kramer (Tragwerksplanung – FEM-Berechnungen) and Fa. von schaewen AG.